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“My sexuality is not an inferior trait that needs to be chaperoned by emotionalism or morality."    -Alice Bag

About me

       Welcome to my site I have built to share a bit of my world with you. Please allow me to introduce myself. My given name is Brynn aka “Brandy Sweets” consistent with the attributes associated with my name I am sweet, nurturing, and getting better with age.  In addition to being a natural empath, I am a student of the sensual arts. My formal qualifications include a BS in Sexuality, Gender & Queer studies from Portland State, as well as certification in Gerontology advocacy, and end-of-life care support. I am currently working towards Sex and relationship coaching certification, completing it in August. With an extensive history in homemaking, corporate event planning, and hospitality. Needing a change, I decided to pursue another deep-rooted interest in sexuality and challenging the status quo of who should have good sex and what sex is supposed to look like.  


       Because I choose not to go the formal massage training route, so I am able to retain independent control regarding what I provide for my clients. Over the years I have attended several informal massage and sexuality classes at Breitenbush, Somatica® Institute, the Love Institute, and Shebop to name a few. With close to 10 years of "hands-on" erotic massage, my experience working with gentlemen and couples here in Portland has varied from basic "vanilla" dating advice to an unlimited buffet of toys, kinks, and multiples. Not much will raise my eyebrows.​​ I have been coloring outside the lines most of my life.  I have been coloring outside the lines most of my life. Breaking the rules of society's sexually repressed boundaries and providing this service for sexual empowerment, I feel is necessary to help others live their best possible lives.


       As an independent artist, providing this rare luxurious service allows me to give back in ways such as, volunteering for Legacy hospice care and contributing to causes close to my heart. Being an unpretentious county girl, my roots are on the farm. I adore homegrown/ homemade and the great outdoors. You can find me enjoying a hike (especially in wooded areas), bicycling about the city, and frequenting farmers' markets or local independent shops. I am humble yet goal-oriented and a few of my hobbies include reading & writing (non-fiction), working in my community garden plot, baking sweet treats, and repurposed/ recycled art projects.​ I prefer to sleep in the nude and do my clerical work in my pajamas. I hear I have a free spirit, an old soul, and refreshing energy. Being blessed with the curves of a goddess, creamy porcelain skin, and long dark hair, I feel I won the genetic lottery. Naturally, I am a tease and I enjoy being pleased by respecting my boundaries. 


      100% unapologetically myself. Petite in size, not personality! I am not perfect, nor do I expect you to be. Confident and content with myself, close to transparency works for me. However, I do understand the need for discretion. My promise to you is compassion, communication, and confidentiality. Naturally, there is more to me than I can portray within this website but please have a look around. Hopefully what I have conveyed here has transformed that spark of interest into a flame of desire to meet my mysterious aura.

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