Brandy Sweets
Erotic Bodywork Artist &
Intimacy Coach

Available by appointment 8 am - 9 pm most days 

Vacation for my 40th birthday August 23rd - September 4th  

First contact

The first 5 minutes free give me a call

Meet and Greet  (optional)

Would you like a casual conversation publicly 

$50 minutes 15-20 minutes

Sexploration Sensual Touch

Erotic bodywork sessions are a safe, sensual and satisfying solution to the touch your crave. Most often offered mutually nude because I adore my birthday suit. However, a large selection of sexy lingere in available on hand. Relax with my sensual femininity, no coaching per se. The focus is on your enjoyment, receive judgment-free with no expectations. I incorporate several holistic modalides including, tantric practices, conscious breathwork and several massage techniques (including optional prostate and body-to-body contact) tailored to your personal needs to create the ideal time for anybody overworked and in need of a release. Just lay back and enjoy the journey with me. My intuitive hands  are guaranteed to leave you relaxed and smiling! Perhaps taking you to a sexual height, you never thought possible. Relax in my little retreat from reality.

$200 1 hour  Blissful Bare Basics 

$270 90 minutes My signature session

$350 2 plus hours For those who just need that extra attention

Sexy spa day 

Begin at one of spa 4 locations, relax together chat, and get to know one another, clean up a cutie to scrub your back, followed by refreshments, and back to my place for an extended erotic bodywork session with hot stones or some light sensual domination. I won't forget a happy ending and a sweet treat.

$650 approx. 4 hours (includes spa fees)

Sexploration Light Sensual Domination 

Don't be fooled by my innocent appearance. My tranquil stare can quickly switch to a glare of death. We start with a quick pertinent history, a boundaries/consent conversation, breathwork, and eye gazing as trust-building exercises. I incorporate light bondage, sensory deprivation techniques, toys, and props from my collection that interest you, conscious breathwork, tantric practices, impact play, and several massage techniques to help you remove yourself from the outside world, and concentrate on the moment. Enjoy intense teasing to help to build up to the anticipation. I gently command a state of total surrender. There is no expectation to give back, the focus is on you, just submit and receive. Not to worry the intention is pleasure not, pain. Come excite your sences and explore my curio of curiosities. Ideal for anyone looking to dip their toe in the BDSM waters orand experienced alike. 

$400 1.5 hours

$500 2 hours

Sexploration Portland 

Curious about kink? What to visit a sex club? But don’t know where to start? Let me be your guide! Safe no strings attached introduction to the realm of sexual taboos. Together we can discuss fantasies and disappointing realities. Get tips for how to have a boundary and consent conversation comfortably, and lots of (optional) hands-on experiences. Options include a visit an adult playground (a dungeon or swingers club) here in Portland, review BDSM basics, find your core desires and explore your options. Light sensual domination bodywork included and so much more. If what you are looking for is not my cup of tea, I am happy to provide a reference to safely outsource. The perfect option for those needing to relax as well as looking for a safe and judgment-free intro to kink.

$800 approx up to 5 hours (24 hrs. advance notice needed, include a partner no additional cost)


Sexploration How to Be a Mindful Mind-blowing Lover (especially for men)               

The myth sex is natural, and everybody should just know how to do it is damaging. My special date night (includes an actual date) will help to compassionately unravel ideas of masculinity and erectile performance. I guide you in understanding women and seduction, encouraging you to become more comfortable and confident with yourself. Through role-play, several hands-on experiences, somatic exercises, and many other modalities you will find the confidence to be the lover you dream of. You will also learn about the dimensions of sex, sensual massage techniques, new safer sex practices, how to have a boundary and consent conversation comfortably. I will help you to understand body language cues, successful flirting, next step progression, types of touch, porn no’s, and more. Get the connection skills for the perfect foreplay. Ideal for those who looking to connect on a deeper level with someone special or wanting to regain the spark your relationship once had.

$800 approx. 5 hours (can be split into 3-5 visits, include a partner no additional cost)



         If you are interested in meeting please send an email, text, or call to introduce yourself with the information below you are comfortable sharing. I do my best to return all inquiries, even to decline. However, I am only one person. I appreciate your patience and persistence.

-Name, age & occupation
-General physical description
-Preferred contact info
-Preferred length, date & time
- Any questions or issues 

-Any reference or handle info is also helpful (not necessary)

          Thank you for your time,

          I look forward to hearing from you soon!

                           Brandy Sweets



Basic disclaimer: 

With the privilege of being selective in my visitors, I am not here to please the masses. If you are in search of a particular menu item, I am happy to dedicate our session to help you safely find what you are looking for. No metaphors, no up-sells, & no BS, I am comfortable in what I do. Please note my donations are non-negotiable reasonable requests for my time & companionship. This is not a solicitation for prostitution. I do not provide or imply to provide any sort of healing, medicinal, or therapeutic service. Nor, do I provide any services involving a fluid exchange of any type. I am not a licensed healthcare professional or an escort. My preference is to work with those struggling with sex/sexuality for any reason, the maturing population as well as those affected by grief. My space is welcome to all genders including non-binary & trans folks, sexual orientations, all body types, any complexion and I am happy to work with all levels of ability. Unfortunately, my space is not ADA accessible, but I do have alternative arrangements if needed, please communicate. Also note, I have a well-behaved canine companion usually with me. Your real-life info might be required for some session types but info is always kept private. If paying with a card billing is done so discretely under consultation fees.